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By Bertha Llaguno
5 / 5

Hi Mary


It’s nice to hear from You, the trip was fine, the Gozz had a lovely time in India and they Love Tariq the Spanish speaking guide, Our experience in Buthan was lovely the only thing I would loved to

have was to stay in Paro at the COMO UMA hotel we went there for Lunch and the food was superior than the Nak Sel ,but the location of our hotel it is much better, we love our guide Bella and the lunch

places were just ok,  I don't know if we could have been having better places ? The festival made our trip incomparable with any other, there was a group of people from home that they where doing the same

trip staying at the amankoras and the only difference I saw was the quality of their Van was newer and they had a private lunch made for them at the river in Punakha. Another thing good to know it is if the traveler wants to go up the tiger nest all the way UP I would wanted to be suggested to take the horse the first leg of the trip and then walk until the top , I was almost dead by the time I reached cafeteria and I wanted to do it until the top but was impossible for me and my group.

Nepal we like our guide he was so funny but we could not understand him very much, for next time I would preferred Spanish speaking guide for Us. My program was short one day I had to hire from them one more

day of car and guide but I could managed very well  I did not noticed that I had that day free in the program.  Try to check that next time so we do not have any surprises. we loved the hotel and the city and of course the mountain flight that Only We could do it ( on the third day)

Amritsar. the hotel was beautiful and New the only thing is a little bit noisy  of the pipe lines we could hear all the showers being taken by other guest at night but that was the only thing

And the problem we had at the airport with the tickets, that fortunately Rajnish solved them in minutes. We love our program in Amritsar and the guide was very nice. India is changing I noticed the difference from the first trip to this one. The guides and the chauffeur are more modern not as they us to be. But I can understand the change.

If I had to rate this trip comparing to the other two trips- they were 9.5 and this trip is 8.5 very close.

I just had a bad time during the time I had to wait for the plane tickets to be fixed.

I would send you some pictures.


Missing Don Victor greatly I would like to thank You for all your help. Mr Manish was very kind and helpful too.


Bertha Llaguno

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