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  • Bharatpur

During the British Empire, Bharatpur was known as the best duck shooting resort. The Government declared it as a national reserve for birds in 1956. In 1981 this 30 sq. kms of land was upgraded to a national park. Being a unique bird dwelling place, the UNESCO has recognized it as a world heritage site. It is India's best water - bird sanctuary. A paradise of feathered life, this park is a treat for birdwatchers, nature lovers, artists, biologists and photographers.rnThe park comes alive with the first showers of monsoon, when thousands of birds like the egrets, storks, darters, ibises, herons, spoonbills, jacanas and other birds get busy courting, mating and nesting. rnApart from the Saras cranes, migratory bareheaded water fowls and the grey lag geese, there are many types of ducks too in this park. Pintail, widgeon, common shel duck, ruddy shel duck. Shoveller, garganey, teal, green winged teal, mallard and pochards are the ones to name a few. Attracted by the heavy influx of the water - fowl, the predatory birds like the tawny eagle, spotted eagle, short toed eagle, imperial eagle and the fishing eagles frequent this place.rnAll together they form an apex of the biological pyramid of the sanctuary and complete the food chain of the eco-system. Other than birds, one can also see herds of Nilgai, chital, wild boar, feral cows and sambhar. rn

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