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Plan Your Memorable Trip with IVAT - Wendy Perrin Top 150 Travel Specialist
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How to use IVAT Tour Engine to Design your Bespoke and Memorable Trip

We have aggregated Best Tour Consultants for Asia . They have developed bespoke holidays after travelling themselves in their respective countries/areas. Now you can further develop their tour ideas to your own preferences and budget by using our tour booking engine which uses Artificial Intelligence and you can take the benefit of same to modify your hotels, flights, category of transport along with the number of people travelling and set the dates of vacation.

We send over thousand's of happy customers on holiday every year, but don't just take our word for it! See what our guest has to say.

FABULOUS, FABULOUS is a perfect description of my recent trip to Northern India following Condé Nast “Iconic Itinerary” by International Ventures and Travel

I never use a travel consultant but your suggestion of Victor Biswas, International Ventures and Travel, NYC was a find. They also have an office in India with a very competent staff. They listen to your needs but are willing to make suggestions to enhance the trip. Each day was as memorable as I anticipated. I urge anyone thinking of an Indian Trip to read the article and contact International Ventures and Travel, NYC.
Pam Richards
Houston, Texas

Name your fantasy, and we’ll fashion a route bearing your particular passions, quirks and sleep schedules.

  • Architecture and Cultural Tours

    The Classical and Cultural Tours take in relaxed, gentler adventures, where the journey is an entire learning experience. Special care is taken in designing the tour by keeping in mind the needs of the parents and children alike. These tours give an opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of India through its architectural heritage, interaction with people, their way of life, breathtaking scenery, nature, and wildlife. In this section, we present a few carefully crafted dream journeys that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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  • Luxury and Unique

    IVAT prides itself in an ability to custom design unforgettable luxury holidays in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka with key ingredients as knowledge, experience, and finesse. We always use accommodation best suited to the character and flavor of a particular itinerary. We believe that small gestures matter. Your guide will be articulate, polite and gender-sensitive. Your driver will be helpful and presentable. Both will be friendly without intruding upon your personal space. Ask our specialist to help you discover your perfect holiday in Indian Subcontinent.

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  • Wildlife and Nature Tours

    India is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Its 5, 000 years old civilization, five seasons every year, a festival every day, incredible variety of terrain including beaches on its 7516 km coastline, its 89 National Parks and 488 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 26 amazing World Heritage Sites, 13 Ramsar Sites (plus Six New) and 13 Biosphere Reserves make India incomparable .In addition to its birds and animals, India is home to over 20,000 species of insects, 2,000 species of butterfly, 142 species of frogs and over 700 species of fish. Excited to visit this Tiger Country !! Explore now!

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  • River Cruises Asia

    The luxury cruise packages from India and Neighbouring countries are exclusively offered for those who do not want to restrict their adventures to the lands of the shores! Spend your week languishing in the posh bars and restaurants aboard the ship and feel like the king of the world! Here are top cruises from India and neighbouring countries within the waters that you need to explore.

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  • Art, Heritage and Museum Tours

    For several years, we have created and operated a diverse range of experiences for storied institutions such as American Museum of Natural History, Asia Society, Asian Art Museum, Association of Yale Alumni, California Academy of Sciences, Brookings Institution, Corning Museum of Glass, Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Art & Design, Museum of Modern Art, Sackler and Freer Galleries, Smithsonian Institution, Textile Museum, World Monuments Fund, World Wildlife Fund and more.

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  • Women's Trip to India , Nepal and Bhutan

    Women's Trip has a special meaning. IVAT offers a nurturing environment in which you can expand your horizon with cross-cultural interactions. Connect with likeminded women while exploring palaces and monuments, birds and animals, flora and fauna, art and silk, music and dance. Indulge in spas, fine dining, and boutique hotels and return home with the incredible India experience. Before you leave, you will work closely with one of our experts (consultants) to design an absolutely perfect itinerary that includes compelling, well-planned touring and the very best accommodations.

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  • Exploring World Heritage Sites

    From the Ajanta and Ellora caves to the Kaziranga National park; from the Bhimbetka rock shelters to the Great Living Chola temples; from Humayun's tomb, Red Fort and Taj Mahal to the birds of Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary, IVAT weaves a World heritage tour of UNESCO declared sites that have historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological and anthropological value and encourage protection and preservation. We excel at designing highly personalized holidays in the Indian subcontinent. Talk to our specialists for a truly bespoke India holiday experience. Explore Now!!

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  • Popular Tours of India , Nepal , Bhutan and Srilanka

    Specially designed for first-timers, these itineraries will take you on a journey through Indian subcontinent history, traditions, and cultures. Discover the beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra, the serenity of the backwaters in Kerala, the majestic wildlife, the rejuvenating Spa and Ayurveda escapes and the towering Himalayan range. Enjoy the golden beaches, desert safaris, and festivals of India. In this section, we present a few carefully crafted dream holidays that has been most popular among our guests, that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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  • Spa, Ayurveda and Yoga

    Do not forget to take advantage of our ancient wellness systems, developed through centuries of the wisdom of this ancient civilization. Explore great options for Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha, Naturopathy together with the spiritual philosophy that has been integral to the Indian way of life. There are a good number of options are available, from standard to luxurious. It's a whole new system, offering rejuvenation, peace, relaxation and a sense of well being, awaits you in India. Ask us to plan your rejuvenation trip to India.

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  • Soft Adventure

    Add the best adventure trekking to your trip if you are traveling with your friends and family. Stay at a luxurious tented location in Ossian or Nimaj, jeep safari at Samode, Everest flight by helicopter, safari at Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Bhilwara or Badman, horse safari at Udaipur or Jodhpur, or elephant back safari in National Parks. There are many things to do. Ask our specialist to help you discover your perfect India holiday.

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  • Long Holidays to Indian Subcontinent

    Consider this an invitation to try an entirely different way of traveling. Think of our tours as experiences rather than vacations -- opportunities to step beyond the narrow confines of the well-traveled tourist circuit to feel the real pulse of a country. Immerse yourself in new experiences and cultures, and come away inspired by what you have seen and satisfied that everything was exactly as you wanted it.

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  • Unique Experience

    Travel has never been easier and more fulfilling. Forbidden destinations are now excitingly accessible. We pride itself on its ability to custom design unforgettable journeys in the Indian Subcontinent. There are lots of unique experiences we craft from our popular destinations of Kerala, Rajasthan, the Golden Triangle, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, North India and South India. We always add a flavor of unique experiences to your trip. We truly welcome an opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge and passion for travel with you. Browse our some of the travel themes below.

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  • Offers

    We truly welcome an opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge and passion for travel with you. Explore the opulent palaces and rugged majestic forts that showcase the glorious past of its rulers. From the Taj Mahal to stunning ancient cave temples and from majestic fortresses in Jaisalmer to stunning lake palace, all arts and architectural heritage await discovery. Capture the essence, colour, and magic of India and the captivating landscape through the frames of unforgettable photographic moments. Browse our some of the special offers below.

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Condé Nast Traveler- Making of The Iconic Itinerary - 10 Perfect Days in Northern India

"Working with the world's leading travel specialists, we've created step-by-step trips that let you see the best each place has to offer—but on your terms. Each of our highly detailed itineraries has been vetted and perfected by a Condé Nast Traveler editor”. For help, I contacted Victor Biswas of International Ventures and Travel, or IVAT, who gave me the first of what would be a series of good suggestions: "Everything starts in Rajasthan," he said, referring to the culturally rich state in North India. "The south may have the brains," he added, referring to the generations of great writers and artists that India's southern states have produced, "but the north has the brawn." Biswas argued that what makes North India unique is the number of great cultures and kingdoms that have left their mark upon the land, the people, and the religion. "The north absorbed it all and offers the clearest picture of the cultures and traditions that have made India what it is today," said Biswas.

Hanya Yanagihara (Condé Nast Traveler)
Travel Consulting Manager