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USA / CA Toll Free: +1-212-252-2056

USA / CA Toll Free: +1-212-252-2056

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How to use IVAT Tour Engine to Design your Bespoke and Memorable Trip

We have aggregated Best Tour Consultants for Asia . They have developed bespoke holidays after travelling themselves in their respective countries/areas. Now you can further develop their tour ideas to your own preferences and budget by using our tour booking engine which uses Artificial Intelligence and you can take the benefit of same to modify your hotels, flights, category of transport along with the number of people travelling and set the dates of vacation.

We send over thousand's of happy customers on holiday every year, but don't just take our word for it! See what our guest has to say.

FABULOUS, FABULOUS is a perfect description of my recent trip to Northern India following Condé Nast “Iconic Itinerary” by International Ventures and Travel

I never use a travel consultant but your suggestion of Victor Biswas, International Ventures and Travel, NYC was a find. They also have an office in India with a very competent staff. They listen to your needs but are willing to make suggestions to enhance the trip. Each day was as memorable as I anticipated. I urge anyone thinking of an Indian Trip to read the article and contact International Ventures and Travel, NYC.
Pam Richards
Houston, Texas

Name your fantasy, and we’ll fashion a route bearing your particular passions, quirks and sleep schedules.

Condé Nast Traveler- Making of The Iconic Itinerary - 10 Perfect Days in Northern India

"Working with the world's leading travel specialists, we've created step-by-step trips that let you see the best each place has to offer—but on your terms. Each of our highly detailed itineraries has been vetted and perfected by a Condé Nast Traveler editor”. For help, I contacted Victor Biswas of International Ventures and Travel, or IVAT, who gave me the first of what would be a series of good suggestions: "Everything starts in Rajasthan," he said, referring to the culturally rich state in North India. "The south may have the brains," he added, referring to the generations of great writers and artists that India's southern states have produced, "but the north has the brawn." Biswas argued that what makes North India unique is the number of great cultures and kingdoms that have left their mark upon the land, the people, and the religion. "The north absorbed it all and offers the clearest picture of the cultures and traditions that have made India what it is today," said Biswas.

Hanya Yanagihara (Condé Nast Traveler)
Travel Consulting Manager